Property info

Address : Čaka iela 143 Rīga, Centrs
Type : Sell
Object: Apartments
Area : 106 m2
Floor:5 / 6
object_ID: 4736
Price : 106,000 EUR ( 1000 €/m2 )
: 1914
A nice apartment is available for purchase in the center of Riga, where you can feel both the taste of history and the mobility of Riga. In the house built in 1914, on the fifth floor, there is a spacious apartment with 3 rooms, a large kitchen area and a hall with an anteroom, a separate wardrobe area and a bathroom. The windows of the apartment face both the street and the yard and sunlight always shines in, which makes this apartment bright and cozy. The apartment needs cosmetic repairs, but the geometry of the rooms creates a lot of ideas and opportunities to express yourself. The apartment has high-quality windows and iron (entrance door), the floors are made of laid laminate, the electrical installation is covered (electricity meter - smart).
There is a very developed infrastructure here, all types of public transport are available, as well as kindergartens, schools, medical facilities, shops and cafes. The house is managed by SIA Latvijas Namsaimnieks, winter bill 370 EUR/month, on the other hand, summer: 100-120 EUR/month. Clean and well-kept staircase.
Parking options are right on the street where the entrance of the house is, there is a free zone here.
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