Property info

Address : Raunas Bruģakmens Raunas nov., Rauna
Type : Sell
Object: Commercial properties
Area : 60000 m2
object_ID: 4669
Price : 250,000 EUR ( 4.17 €/m2 )
: 1972
We are selling a large rural property, better known as Cimzas workshops. The property is a former cobblestone production area, located in Cimza, Rauna parish, Smiltene district. The permitted type of construction for the property for sale is industrial construction territory. The property is equipped with all necessary amenities, namely - heating, electricity, water and sewage.

Cimzas workshops are approximately 105 km away from Riga, which is less than a 2-hour drive by car.

We offer to purchase a property with a total land area of 6 ha, where there are production premises, warehouses, hangars, a cafe, a security building, a pond and other amenities. The property must be seen on site to see it in full perspective.

The offer consists of:

- A plot of land with an area of 0.9506ha on which there is a cafe with a room area of 142.2m2,
- A plot of land with an area of 2.98ha on which there are two industrial production hangars with an area of 992m2 and 437m2 respectively.
- A plot of land with an area of 1.47ha on which there are five buildings, a workshop with a total area of 742m2, a warehouse - 327m2, a warehouse - 570m2, a passage building - 10m2, an engineering building - 6.2m2.
- A plot of land with a total area of 0.4309ha on which there is a large pond
- A plot of land with a total area of 0.2391ha.

The surroundings are beautiful and peaceful, with lots of greenery and nature. It is an ideal place for those who want to live or work in a peaceful and nature-close environment. Moreover, since the territory has been a cobblestone production area, it could also be interesting for those who are interested in history and industrial heritage.

For more information, use the contacts below and I will answer all your questions.

If necessary, we will provide a real estate appraisal and consult on financial matters.