Property info

Address : d/s Enerģētiķis Nr.73 Salaspils nov., Salaspils pag.
Type : Sell
Object: Houses
Area : 165 m2
Floors: 2
Area: 1289 m2
Rooms: 5
object_ID: 4788
Price : 199,000 EUR ( 1206.06 €/m2 )
A great house has come up for sale in Salaspils district, Salaspils parish, located in the settlement d/s Energētiķis, between Sauriės and the part of Riga city - Aconi. Distance to Riga city center ~ 15 km, while to Granita Street ~ 300 m. The house is bright and in front of it there is enough space for relaxation and a garden. The property consists of two plots of land (642 m2 and 647 m2), where there is a house and a large garage with two automatic gates, as well as a paved driveway. The garage is equipped with electricity and water supply. Water supply to the house is a borehole, but the sewerage is local (septic tank). The territory of the house is greened with decorative greenery and there is a swimming pool in front of it.
The layout of the house is convenient for everyday life, on the first floor, upon entering, there is an anteroom, from which we enter the corridor. To the left of the corridor is a spacious living room with a fireplace. To the right, from the original entrance, is the staircase to the second floor, the kitchen. The kitchen is also fully equipped with built-in kitchen furniture, oven, stove and extractor hood. On the first floor there are also utility rooms, a hall for the entrance to the farm, a sauna, rest rooms and a bathroom, as well as the entrance to the basement, where the heat pump is located, it provides heating for the whole house, but in the summer we can cool the air with air conditioners. On the second floor of the house there is a common room from which you can go to the master bedroom, children's room and terrace, and there is also a descending staircase to the attic. The total area of ​​the house - 165 m2, 1st floor - 80.4 m2 and 2nd floor - 67.1 m2, but basement rooms - 18.2 m2 and outdoor rooms - 14.3 m2. The whole house is furnished. Monthly maintenance expenses of the house are 90 EUR in summer and 170 EUR in winter, plus expenses for electricity, around 50 EUR in summer and around 240 EUR in winter. The constructive solution in house construction is as follows: foundations - reinforced concrete; walls - lightweight concrete; coverings - reinforced concrete and wooden structures; roof - soft cover; windows - plastic bags; doors - wooden (interior) and metal (exterior); finishing - decorative plaster and painting.
The house will not leave anyone indifferent, apply for a viewing today!